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Claims & Default Reporting

Delinquency Reporting

Save time and paperwork. Here's your one-stop resource for viewing delinquency status and much more:

Report or View Delinquent Loans

  • Enter the certificate number you want to access and select, "Notice of Delinquency" from left-hand menu.
  • Enter the requested information on the form and click "Submit."

Generate a Delinquency Turnaround Report

  • Select "Delinquency Status" from the Report section in left-hand menu.
  • Enter the requested information on the form and select "Web Page."
  • Enter updates on all delinquent records and click "Submit" (report also available in a PDF/Microsoft® Excel® version from e-PMI® Servicing).


Get a snapshot view of pending and paid claims in seconds:

File a Claim (Primary or Pool)

  • Simple Single Page form

View Pending Claims

  • Real Time Status
  • View pending document requests
  • View submitted claim details
  • Obtain contact information for specialist assigned to claim

View Paid Claims

  • View Approved Claim Details
  • Obtain EOB document in PDF format

Generate a Claim Status Report

  • Retrieve Status (pending, paid, or cancelled claims) for Primary or Pool loans
  • View status of Initial and Supplemental Claims
  • Create report in PDF/Microsoft® Excel® formats

e-PMI also lets you upload and send your electronic documents directly to Claims & Delinquency Reporting.

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