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PDQSM Delegated Underwriting

PMI Partner Delivered Quality® translates to flexibility and ease in working with us.

As an approved PMI delegated lender, you are eligible for PDQ’s many benefits:

  • Streamlines the underwriting process with the ability to approve loans for MI at the point of application.
  • Applicable to all PMI programs, as well as Desktop Underwriter® or Loan Prospector® “Eligible” loans.
  • Acceptance of your own underwriting guidelines, upon review and approval by PMI.

Submitting your PDQ application is easy electronically, using e-PMI® or ediMXL formats. Applications can also be faxed to PMI’s National Underwriting Center.

Instant Alerts help PDQ lenders meet our guidelines.

Our e-PMI and EDI Origination systems* generate instant alerts as soon as you submit information that falls outside acceptable parameters for one or more of the key loan characteristics driving eligibility. So you'll know exactly why – right away.

Here's an example of an alert for an LTV greater than 95%:

Following is a list of the key loan characteristics covered by our instant alerts:

  • LTV
  • Loan Amount
  • Credit Score
  • Occupancy
  • Loan Purpose
  • Property Type
  • Property Location (Distressed Markets)
  • Documentation Type
  • DTI

To learn more about our delegated underwriting options, contact your PMI representative or the PMI National Underwriting Center. Or call 800.966.4PMI (4764).

*e-PMI and EDI are not underwriting systems, and cannot validate income, assets, appraised value, seller contributions, TPO information, CLTV, high-cost area criteria, etc.


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